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The registration has now been closed. We managed to shuffle the seats around so that everyone on the waiting
list could be moved to the regular attendant list. We have also decided to release a limited number of visitor
tickets. You do not have to register for a visitor ticket. Just come to the party and we will let you in for
100 SEK as long as the place isn't too crowded. With a visitor ticket you will not get a computer seat and you
will not be able to vote in the compos.

Thank you all for signing up! This will be a great party.
If you have registered and already know that you cannot make it, please inform us at
Now go finish your masterpieces.

Registration opened!

Full site released.

It’s true, Compusphere is back! Sort of. We noticed the lack of a real data meeting in Sweden this fall, so we
decided to change that. We present: Gothenburg Autumn Gathering, 27-29 of November!

This time we’re aiming more towards a smaller and cozier party with only the best of data machines: Amiga, C64,
Atari and other oldschool platforms. No newschool business, except for cross platform development of course.
There will be a demo compo, and one each for music and graphics too. Compo hardware for Amiga, C64 and
Atari will be provided.

We found the perfect venue in the heart of Hisingen, Gothenburg. It’s called Wartagården and is close to all kinds of convenience like public transportation. It even has a good BBQ spot!

The full webpage will be launched shortly, complete with a registration form so that you can make sure you secure
your data seat in time. Stay tuned!